Sunday, March 27, 2011

Its nearly complete!

The first earth bag hut will be move in ready by the end of the coming week!

The soon-to-be new residents.
Emma has been part of the ministry for many years--he and his family "followed" us to Kitgum from Entebbe.

Please join us in prayer as we weekly walk by faith.

Trusting the Lord to provide for the next phase of building.

 Looking down the cistern-45 feet {hand dug} and counting...

A view of the farm {papaya trees} and furrows of beans--planted by our children!

 Inside the house.

Two of the laborers with Ephraim and Ethan.

Composting the making.

Raised beds for carrots.

"And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee."  Psalm 90:10


Anonymous said...


Will you paint or coat with lime wash the exterior of the homes? If not, how does the earth not wash away in the rains?

LOOK at your fruit trees! and CARROTS! whoop. Glad to see everything coming together.

Mama in Uganda said...

Always good questions my friend.

The lime was mixed with the mud, however, a "clean" coat will be applied on the outside soon.

Thanks for asking :-)


Michelle A said...

How exciting to see all the Lord is doing there. It's like the place is coming alive! Thanks for sharing. Praying for His continual guidance, love and provision for all of you.

Jessica Pierce said...

AMAZING!!! things are really really coming along! i think these earth bag buildings are so awesome! dad and i spent a long time checking out the website! can't wait to come up and visit and see it all in person!

Tiff said...

Beautiful! I'll be exploring your blog here for a bit, to try and get to know you somewhat. Your comments on my blog a few days ago really blessed me, and I'd like to bless you in turn.

Keep up your faithful work!

Tiff @ The Faery Inn

mamamargie said...

Very exciting to see what is happening there. Beautiful garden!