Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly Prayer Watch!

Robert read out loud from Romans 5:8 from my Bible 
(pictured in the last post--brown shirt}, “God demonstrates His own love 
towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
asked him, “what do you think God is telling you from this 
Scripture?” Suddenly his expression changed as he looked up, “it 
means that Jesus died for me & He can save me.” With tears in 
his eyes he prayed the sinners prayer with us and opened his 
heart to Jesus Christ. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by 
the Word of Christ” as Robert and a number of others found out  
over the past week during an outreach with Calvary Chapel 

Two years ago I was teaching at Calvary Chapel Bible 
College Kampala and before that we served at the church, so it 
was a great blessing to have dear friends come for a week of 
outreach. One of the team members, a former student of mine in 
the Bible College, named Paul remained in Kitgum with us. We 
are praying with Paul about long-term service here in Northern 

After the service in Kitgum at Calvary Chapel we setoff for 
the village church--Lotodore Christian Fellowship. We have been 
journeying through the Old Testament stories of the Bible 
teaching Christ to the believers, most of whom are illiterate. That 
evening we showed the Jesus film and a large number turned up 
and were introduced to Jesus. The next day it was hut-to-hut as 
we moved throughout the village proclaiming to those who would 
listen the Word’s of God. 

The following day we headed east into another district of 
Uganda into the territory of the Karamajong. These people are 
infamous cattle rustlers who have taken many lives. They are 
quite possibly the least reached people of Uganda. By the grace 
of God we went to 1 town and 2 villages preaching open-air and 
one-to-one {pictured in the past post}. At first we found 
many to be hard hearted but after time we started to see the hard 
ground soften under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Those who 
accepted the Lord are now in need of discipleship. Please pray 
with us for laborers and the time to be able to help these people 
along in their new relationship with Christ. 

After leaving Karamoja we came back to Kitgum then 
traveled down to Pajule town. I have a good friend and brother in 
Christ named J.B.. He is from northern Uganda but has been 
pastoring at Calvary Chapel Jinja for 7 years. Pajule is his home 
town and he has prayed for years to return home to plant a 
church. For a day we went out with him into his town and 
evangelized. In the evening we showed the Jesus film in his 
village near Pajule and over 300 attended with many responding 
to the Gospel. Pray for this fresh work of the Lord to be carried on 
and for J.B. as he pastors the new believers. Thank you for your 
prayers for the furtherance of the Gospel. Lord Bless You. 

“For I am not 
ashamed of the 
gospel of Christ, for it is 
the power of God unto 
salvation to everyone 
that believes.”  
Romans  1:16

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lauradodson said...

I keep rereading this testimony/prayer request and am just so blessed by the Lord working in Robert's life. So simply, sweetly the Lord draws His children, "Come."

Who can turn back the hand of God?