Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.  If you feel led, would you please continue to pray with us.  As of Thursday at 12 pm, the mechanics have yet to find the part needed to repair the vehicle?! We need a miracle.  This mama would like to be back home a few days before we have to turn around and make the seven hour journey again {the airport is an hour outside the city}.

The Lord is providing for our needs.  Thanks G family and K family for your generous gifts!


I decided to worship instead of be anxious :-)  The children and I sat on the porch, overlooking the city, and sang worship songs.  Praying and trusting.

I just got a text from Zane.  They found the part!  We leave tomorrow morning.


chubbycheeks said...

Awesome thanks for the update!

Sophie said...

God is good!!

;-) said...

Praise the Lord! Praying you have a safe trip.

laurad said...

Oh, God is so good.

Love it!

Amanda said...

Hope this message finds you home enjoying your last day or two with ALL your family:) Blessings as you travel!!

~ shi ~ said...

Oh good!.. singing instead of fussing! reminds me of James 4:7 :) Blessings and safe travels..Many prayers have and will be said! oxoxo