Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh yes, she is a riot at the age of 4!

I just could not pass up sharing this...

Yesterday, during our bible lesson, I was asking review questions to the children about the story of Job.  

Mom:  "What types of things happened to Job?"

Children:  "His house blew over by the wind, his animals were stolen and killed by fire from the sky, he had sores on his body..."

Mom:  "What was Job's response to all of this."

Elianah:  "He ripped his shirt, like Nacho Libre!!!"


chubbycheeks said...

That is too funny ;) When are you planning to visit in August?

A family being transformed said...

I will be in Roseburg August 12th - September 8th. My parents are having an Open House on the 22nd. The entire church is invited {details will be in this Sundays bulletin}. However, I would love to come over and visit--and let our children play!! What is your email address?


Jen said...


Any chance you might make it a little further south during your time here? We live very close to the Vaughns and we would LOVE to meet up and/or to have you speak (maybe at our church?)!

We Are Family said...

FUNNY!!! Any chance of bringing those necklaces when you come to the states? I have lots of people asking...


Dani said...

LOL She is precious!

Foma said...

haha, she's too cute!!!

Shonni said...

That is so funny!!!!
Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your days with your precious ones.

A family being transformed said...


A lady encouraged me today to "tell our story." I pray that the Lord will give me wisdom to share those things which glorify Him and draw people nearer to the cross.

Love from the North,

lauradodson said...

I am cackling as I roll on the floor--figurative rolling of course.

ok. you have got me all confused.

first you publish several times a week, then you go to a week and I nearly faint, and NOW you have posted like a zillion (ok...THREE) things back to back....


Love ya! ;o)

Whew. Now that I've got that off my chest, I need to go pick up our milk.