Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is my child a slave?

"Do you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteousness living. Thank God!"

Growing up, my husband and I both attended Sunday school and confessed Christ at an early age, and yet we were never taught the seriousness of sin and its devastating effects {death}. By the time we were teenagers, we both found ourselves in "slavery." In my case, it nearly resulted in physical death.

Because of this, my husband and I believe that it is vital to begin teaching our children about sin and its devastating effects at an early age, or in our case, as soon as the Lord places them into our home. We couple this with the wonderful truth of righteousness found in Jesus Christ!

Hebrews 12 speaks of "the sin that so easily enslaves us." If we seek the Lord and "examine" our children, many times the Lord will show us a particular sin that is seeking to enslave them-the Lord has been faithful to show us this in our own children time and time again.

For example,

Two of our children had what we call "baby home itis." It is a SIN-drome that exhibits itself in overly cute, obnoxious or otherwise dramatic behavior. Its goal is to seek attention for ones self and ones self alone.

God's Word calls this flattery. And its a sin.

Some sins are more obvious, such as lying, stealing, unkind words, etc.

The power of sin is strong. And the longer we allow our children to obey its lusts the more enslaved they will become.

Mamas, the enemy/sin is no respecter of age, past, disability, etc. He will use whatever means possible to try and enslave our children. It is our ministry to help our children see the error of their ways {in light of Gods standard}, wash them in the living and active word of God and lead them to the place of repentance and redemption--the CROSS of Jesus Christ.

Pray for your children. Pray that they will find freedom in Christ at a young age. And live in such a way that your children will see how awesome it is to be "set free."


Jeremy & Somer Ransom said...

And for me... So many times in praying against a sin that is enslaving my children, God will also reveal in my heart a sin I have allowed to take root (and have potentially taught my children)!

Wonderful post & great reminder... Thank you!

Holly said...

again, the very words I needed to hear. Especially with my husband away for so long this past year, I have often wavered in my parenting. In struggling with my youngest (adopted) son recently over issues...the Lord convicted me that sin is SIN and regardless of the past he's had that might be a factor...sin must not be sugar coated to be "normal boy behavior" or "poor adopted child syndrome"
And the Spirit of God reminded me that there is a battle being waged for the souls of our children and I MUST engage.
Your post just ministered and confirmed a work that God is doing in my life. Thank you. Again.

A family being transformed said...


Yes, we as the parents should also be on guard against sin that seeks to enslave our lives too. We are the example of Christ to our children!

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Amen!!! We absolutely have to cover our children with prayer and teach them to not be slaves to things of this world. I've seen this in my own life as well. It happens so slowly until one day we wake up and find we are in bondage to our busy schedule, our attitudes, and the influences we've allowed into our home through the TV/computer/music.

Thanks for sharing what God lays upon your heart. You have such wisdom and see with such clarity--perhaps because your lives are so surrendered to His calling.

May God bless you this week with peace, health, strength and joy.

Much Love,

Shonni said...

I've missed you too Sweet Friend!
I love this post....funny, just yesterday I was reading Hebrews 12 -13.

Laura said...

In reading the paragraph in bold at the end of your post, I am curious as to what does this look like in your home?

When one of your children is disobedient, what is your next step?

A family being transformed said...

Laura, great questions.

First, we make sure that our children know what they have done and then address the sin in light of Gods Word and His standard.

Secondly, we wash them in the Word--usually what the Lord has for those who do what is right.

*We share with them that when they disobey mama and daddy they are actually disobeying God as He is the one who commands children to obey their parents. This goes the other way too--when they obey mama and daddy they are obeying God and God promises "it will go well with them."*

Thirdly, we remind our children that sin leads to death but Jesus paid that price for you on the cross.

As parents, we are preparing the hearts of our children for salvation by correcting their behavior in light of the scriptures--in order for them to see their need for a Savior. The law is meant to be used for this--read Romans 5:20. Which takes me to your next question, discipline.

Disobedients equals discipline in our home. And discipline is meant to inflict pain in order for the child to see that sin hurts. A few of our children say "ouch mama" when they are being disciplined--to which I reply, "yes dear, sin hurts us and that is why mama disciplines you."

Some of the verses we have printed around the house are,

"The good you know you ought to do and you don't its sin." James 4:17. We often times use this verse to gauge if discipline is needed.


"Cling to what is good and hate evil."

I hope this gives you a better picture of what goes on in our home. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email me :-)

Love from the North,

Kaylin said...

oh summer that is wonderful wisdom from the Lord. This culture is so wrapped up in medically disabled "syndromes" but that is awesome how most of the time, the diagnosis is a SIN-drome! Thank you Jesus!
Thanks Summer ofr your obedience to the Lord!