Thursday, June 3, 2010

Filthy rags.

My heart has been heavy for quite some time. I could not "put my finger on it," but knew that it was an issue that needed to be dealt with before the Lord. Yesterday, my husband showed me a small book by KP Yohannan called, "The Lords work in the Lords way." Even before I finished the first paragraph the Lord began to speak,


The Lord may have handed me a "beautiful garment" in the beginning, but over time it has become a filthy rag.

The Lord says that any "work" done in the flesh will be burned away. It won't last. It is like filthy rags.

"But we are like an unclean thing; and all our righteousness is as filthy rag." Isaiah 64:6

When we replace God's righteousness with our righteousness, the beauty fades away.

"Jessie Pen was a godly woman greatly used in the Welsh revival. She tells in her book Molded by the cross, how God dealt with her on this issue {her works being as filthy rags}."

"Then the climax came, when one morning I awoke and saw before me a hand holding up in terrible light a handful of filthy rags, whilst a gentle voice said: "This is the outcome of all your past service to God." "But Lord, I have been surrendered and consecrated to Thee all these years; it was consecrated work! "Yes my child, but all your service has been consecrated flesh; the outcome of your own energy; your own plans; your own devotion. All for Me I grant you, but yourself, all the same."

I know that for me, any work done in the flesh is hard. It quickly becomes a burden. It almost becomes like a stench in my nostrils. Like a filthy rag.

I am now taking more time to sit at my Saviors feet, clinging to the hem of His robe and waiting upon Him to change these filthy rags back into beautiful garments. Garments sewn together by the hands of the Master seamstress.


RACHEL said...

loved this. will post it to my own blog soon!

Mandi said...

This post is for me, FOR ME. The last few days I couldn't shake the feeling that my preparations for our mission trip just weren't flowing anymore. From homeschooling to ministry sponsors to "what plans" we need to prepare for our work in Jinja . . .it was becoming a weight, and I know that's not right. I have trouble identifying service that isn't going to be "easy" just b/c God called us to it, FROM tasks that have become overwhelming cause they are my flesh and not Spirit directed. Your post, just confirms, what my heart felt.. I just need to be still. Even though this mama's mind sees a 6week counter ticking away and ALL that needs to be collected and done for's His plan, NOT mine. Oh if I could turn my mind off. sorry this is long, God so spoke through you this morning. Thank you for these words. Love in Christ,

Holly said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing what God is speaking to you as it ministered to me and obviously others as well.
This same message just keeps coming up as I strive in my own strength.
Thank you for being humble and surrendering again and again.
Your transparency is a blessing to countless others.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thank you for sharing. I, too, need to rely on the Lord's energy and grace, not my own (since, of course, I ran out of steam quite awhile ago). This has encouraged me greatly, to spend more time sitting at the Lord's feet, studying His word.


Anonymous said...

The adoption ministry is precious in God's eyes and you are right, when we try to do it, unto ourselves it becomes like a filthy rag. I was feeling this way just this morning, wondering why at times, I can step back and see the wonder and miracle of my children and get a glimpse of how God sees them, and other times I get carried away with things that don't matter and lose that. I read somewhere on your blog that you wrote a Bible study that you would be willing to send to adoptive mothers and I would love to recieve that if you still have it available. I have two children adopted from Ethiopia and have been meaning to write you and ask. I love seeing the faces of your sweet miracles!

Laura said...

wish there was a 'like' button.


and Amen.