Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thanks for all your recent prayers and encouragement.  Malaria has swept through our home like a wild fire--the day Zane was able to get out of bed I became violently ill with it.  And although I am still not out of bed, I am well enough to take care of Eston who came down with malaria this morning. Please pray with us for Eston.  His body is so weak and frail.  But, thankfully he is with us and we are able to give him around the clock care.

Someone came over this morning and noticed that we have another child, he commented, "you are so brave."  

But isn't that a qualification of a soldier?

"Enduring hardships as soldiers of Jesus Christ."  


Melissa said...

In addition to prayer, which I will be doing, I know of some herbs that are better for long term taking, and help fight malaria quite well if you are interested, I'll fill you in.

Malaria is no fun.

blessedmomto8 said...

Keep fighting soldiers! Hugs, love and prayers!


Mama in Uganda said...


Yes, do share!


Thanks for the encouragement.

Shonni said...

I prayed harder for you yesterday...I just "felt" something (course, we know Who it was).
And I will continue always for your family!

Melissa said...

Neem is the best malaria preventive. It's safe the children too. Basically stops it at the liver stage. The neem tree grows natively in several parts of Africa (God is wise like that) It can then be brewed as a tea, ingesting small doses daily. You can buy it is supplement form as well, I'm just not sure how hard it is for you to get things sent to you form the states.

If Malaria has set in nothing better that wormwood. It can be taken as a preventive as well, but I'm not real sure about the longer term (like the month after month) use of it. This too is an awesome example of God's wisdom. The key ingredient in wormwood is artemisium( I know that it spelled wrong..sorry), a major component in prescription malaria drugs. However, they single it out and it is known to cause liver damage in long term use. HOWEVER, when the herb is taken in it's complete natural form, it has a compound in it that protects the liver. I love the wisdom of our God. I'm not sure if it grown or can grown there. IT IS BITTER. THink about the passages in the Bible that talk about bitterness and is so bad. It works though, and works well.

I went back and forth between taking herbs and taking prescription meds when we went to Africa. Everyone was counseling me not to trust the herbs, and I went with the most expensive meds available. I ended up with two different stains of malaria, and was sick for months after I got home.

I know of several people who spent a long amount of time in Uganda, taking the neem and wormwood, none of the ever came down with malaria. If I ever get to go back that is what all of us will take.

Praying for quick healing from our Great Physician, malaria is brutal. I know you have a houseful to care for, but I would really caution you not to do too much to soon. Your body is going to take some time to heal, and you need your rest to do that.

love2bmom said...

Amen sister!

love2bmom said...

we took neem leaf extract when we were in Liberia this year, and didn't get even a single bite.....
don't know if you can find it there?

Mama in Uganda said...

Thank you, thank you ladies. Actually, we have three Neem trees on our compound--for the sake of keeping the mosquitoes away. I have heard that you can brew the leaves...Now I am going to have to do a little more research. Yes, malaria is absolutely the worst. I think my symptoms were lessoned due to the fact that I was taking doxycycline, although what I went through was absolutely miserable.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...


Jewels of My Heart said...

Take heart precious family..... precious soldiers of Christ Jesus!
The Battle Belongs to the Lord and He already won the victory!
God's healing and protection.

Isabel said...

You've been on my heart so much since I read you came down with malaria - even sitting in church this morning and seeing children getting baptized - I kept thinking of you - suffering - and all your little ones - and so many other little ones - - - what a contrast!
I even thought and prayed for you throughout the night.
BE HEALED AND STRENGTHENED - in the precious, powerful name of Jesus!!!
Love from New Zealand,

;-) said...

Praying for a restful healing day for all of you.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

May you all be healed and protected in Jesus name I pray!

John & Perla said...

Very proud of you both. Glad to hear the family is in the clear. I was looking for the "giving" post. It showed up on my follower radar, but was unable to locate it. We love to be readers and doers of giving words!