Sunday, February 14, 2010

To pass the time...

I have a study that I am eager to share with you all, but I am still seeking the Lord through seeking the Word.  The title will be, "Leading our children into the Promise Land."  Please pray with me as I find time to study the Word in the midst of a busy home and preparing to pack up and move our sweet little family to the remote parts of Northern Uganda.  

On a totally different note.  On our way home from a lovely, all family, Valentines day lunch, the kids and I got into a great little conversation--why Christians should always live a life of joy?  We have Jesus, enough said!

These beauties bring me great joy too.

*This photo is about a year old (we only had 7 children)*

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Being diligent to always share your joy is needed....even in the dark times. Otherwise what else do your children have to cling to when they face dark times......nothing but JESUS & HE is ENOUGH! Even when it is really really hard.