Friday, February 26, 2010


Thanks so much for your advice.  To answer a few of your questions.  I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 4+ years ago.  It took nearly 18 months to find a treatment that worked.  We found out that my body has a conversion problem therefore I am taking both a T4 and a T3 drug.  I also suffer from endometriosis and celiac disease, so yes Tina, I agree with you that autoimmune diseases come in pairs (or in my case triplicates).  Throwing debilitating PMS into this picture is not fun--I not only struggle with fatigue, but major mood swings and irritability. Quite a hard week long battle to fight with ten small children.  I have decided to wait until the luteal phase of my cycle at which point I will go and get all of my hormones tested.  I would appreciate your prayers, that the labs results will show exactly what is going on and that I can find a doctor that will treat me without using hormones--long story, but the history of breast/uterine cancer in my family puts me at high risk and therefore I will not take hormones.

I am now 100% back to normal and oh how good it feels.  The kids and I had a lovely rainy day Friday.  We played games, read books, colored, danced and tidied up.  These types of days remind me of Oregon.  I grew up in the rain and enjoy how it brings a sense of calm into the home.  I have cute photos that I wanted to share but my camera battery is not wanting to cooperate :-)


Laurel said...

Wow! I didn't know that my endo. and hypo. could be related.

Hmmm ... how many docs have I been to in the past 27 years about this???

mama of 13

Jim and April said...

i'm sorry you have autoimmune issues too! Thats why we miscarried four times because of an auto immune issue where my body saw the baby as a foreign object and killed it!

JG said...

So glad you are feeling better!

Aimee said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, thank you for living out your faith and sharing it. I'm a mom to 6 (3 internationally adopted) and while my life isn't quite as busy as yours, I do recognize the fatigue! I also have celiac disease and have long struggled with PMS. One thing that helps me tremendously (no-brainers, you may already do it, but it took me years): no caffiene and high protein, low carb diet. Blessings to you, We will keep you and your family in prayer as you move.