Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day #2

Elijah is beginning to observe the behavior of his new brothers and sisters--we keep stressing the importance of their good example (and for the most part they are amazing).  He seems to love his biological brother already and Ethan loves him just the same.  Today, Ethan was trying to show Elijah how to write his name. He kept saying "no Elijah, like this," while he traced the letter on the floor.  So cute.  We did have an interesting (that is a kind word) even unfold this afternoon--I was so glad that daddy was home to take care of the discipline.  Elijah, as expected, is seeing just what he can get away with.  While I was sitting on the couch (yes, I was sitting--it was at least 95 today and air conditioning is a luxury we could never afford)--Elijah walked by Ezra and kicked him.  I decided to let it slide. However, Elijah then proceeded to walk into the girls room and do the same, but this time to his sisters.  NOPE, not getting away with that.  But, in the moment it took for the girls to explain what happened, Elijah, knowing full well his sin, hid behind the kitchen door.  With 11 people looking, it took us a good five minutes to find him (and our house is tiny).  After proper biblical discipline, and a lot of comforting and singing to him the only two Acholi songs I know, he calmed down.  I am so blessed by the response of our other 9 children to Elijah's no so lovely behavior.  They are so patient.  And continue to show him kindness.  Bless them Jesus.

While preparing for tomorrow's homeschool lesson, from the book of Numbers, I read something that was so needful for my heart to hear.  After the people complained to Moses about water, God told him to strike the rock...We all know the story.  I always drew out from this portion of scripture that it was wrong for Moses to get angry at the people.  And it was. However, this was what I gleaned today,

"Because you did not trust Me enough to demonstrate My holiness..."  20:12

How often do I take matters into my own hands when it comes to my children's behavior. For Moses he obviously thought that a little anger thrown in would do the people some good. God was more than capable to demonstrate His holiness, but many times, I slip in a little anger, a little brashness to make the point loud and clear.  Oh that I would learn to "trust Him enough to demonstrate His holiness" to my children.  


blessedmomto8 said...

OH, I would SO love to demonstrate that holiness at all times too... God help all us mommies out be more like you.

Cathy said...

Interesting point from that passage. Not one I'd spotted before. Thank you!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

yep, just a little selfishness.....just a little more of me in the situation instead of God.

Praying for patience to continue for his transition :)

patchworkmommy said...

A very good post!