Monday, January 4, 2010

Even Christ...

"never once consulted His own pleasure." Romans 15:3
More and more the Lord is speaking to my heart, and I believe your hearts as well, that this life is not about "our own pleasure." Please be encouraged and strengthened by the following devotional written by Amy Camichael.

"Our Lord Jesus never once turned to His own desires and took counsel with them as to His actions, never once took into consideration His own feelings or interests.

This is the kind of life in which we have been called. Does it sound impossible? You have not to do it in your unaided strength: it is God who is all the while supplying the impulse, giving you the power to resolve, the strength to perform, the execution of His good pleasure.

Do I will to do the will of God? Then God will reinforce my will and enable me to do. Do I will to know the will of God? Then I will not take into consisderation my own feelings and interests-"never once consulted His own pleasure."

Am I in perplexity, not knowing...Am I taking into consideration my own feelings and interests? Do these come first and the good of others and the peaceful conduct of the work committed to me come second? Then I may know without a doubt that I am out of the will of God. This way will not lead me to where I shall have the most power to help others. It will lead me into the byways. In that case, if I am earnest, I will look to Him, my Lord and Savior, instantly for strength to follow the other path-"for even Jesus never once consulted His own pleasure."


Jim and April said...

thanks for this and I agree with you that God is showing me more and more the things that truly matter and the things that dont!

Jesse and Katie said...

thank you summer. My heart is forever changed.

Jesse and Katie said...

thank you summer. my heart is forever changed. though often hard, God is good to reveal his will for me. In this case, it is so clear what I am to do, and I can do it with joy. Praying for God's continual grace that I may walk fully in and for him.

JG said...

Good word. Thanks for sharing.