Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you, thank you for all your encouraging and kind words as well as your prayers. First off, I changed the word "loathe" in the post after last to "tares at my heart." Please forgive me if I offended any of you. Never my intention.

Secondly, a few of you have asked about a photo of our new son.....This is such an extremely touchy situation. Of course I will get photos of all the kids on Christmas day, but as for an "alone picture," I am going to wait. I believe many of you know who the child is, please keep praying.

And thirdly, the Lord gave me a beautiful picture tonight. Instead of saying that Ephraim has "attachement disorder," as the world would like to label his behavior, I believe the Lord would have me to say that he is a sheep that has never had a Shepherd, who needs the "rod and the staff" which will draw him into the fold.

Oh, praise you Jesus, our Shepherd.


Adeye said...

Oh friend--no offense at all. That's the way you feel, this is YOUR blog and you can use any word you like :) No matter what you say, or how you say it--people will take it the wrong way.

That is such a beautiful vision the Father gave you. Just stunning.

Keep on keeping on, dear friend. You have an amazing mission right there in your home. Wish I could hug you in person.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I will say an AMEN to that! Although sometimes it is not easy, and sometimes downright gut wrenching- I believe with all my heart that God can Heal it!! Sometimes quickly, sometimes over time, sometimes just good moments and bad, but GOD WANTS US TO BE SET FREE- AMEN!!!!

Virginia Earwicker said...

Hey guys! Can't wait to meet the new little one when we get home in a week. Love ya!

mama bear said...

We wish your family a wonderful Christmas. I pray it will be a season of healing. I am so glad to get to "know" you these last few days. I hope to meet you in person in a few months!