Saturday, December 19, 2009

Many have asked....

How did you end up in Uganda?

My husband and I met at a Calvary Chapel in Oregon. Truly it was love at first sight. Zane had just arrived back from Ghana, West Africa--nothing short of the hand of the Lord! When I was 19 I spent nearly a year in the bush of Zambia. This common likeness is what the Lord used to initially spark an interest in each other. We soon found out that we had much more in common than living in Africa. We both loved sports--my husband wrestled for the local state college and I ran cross country competitively. Our first few dates were spent on the local running trails.

Two weeks after we met we took a trip to the Oregon coast. My husband later told me that he was going to propose then--the funny thing is he waited just a mere six more weeks to ask my dad permission to marry me. From the day we met to the day of our wedding only eight months had passed.

Exactly one year after we were married we welcomed our daughter Eryn into the world. During these first three years of our marriage we worked and ministered at a Christian Dude Ranch in the mountains of Southern Oregon. We led a missions team to Honduras where the Lord lit a spark in my husbands heart for full time mission work overseas--I had this spark lit when I was 15 years old.

One day the Lord told us it was time to GO-where? Back to Africa. One road trip and six months later we were accepted as missionaries with Far Reaching Ministries (FRM). One three month trip to Uganda, three months of interning at the FRM office and one month of saying good-byes, oh, and another baby on the way, we left everything we knew and moved to Uganda as full time missionaries.

And here we have been since 2004. The road called missionary life has been rocky, with some huge pot holes thrown in along the way. The majority of our life in Uganda proved to be damaging to my health--however, I was recently healed just 2 months ago!!!
We began "taking the lonely into our family," in obedience to the Lord's command, in 2006. We are now the stewards of two biological children and seven Ugandan children. People ask us if we thought this would be our life, our initial answer is, "not really," but deep in our hearts we both knew that we would end up as a large family living and ministering in Africa.

My husband has ministered in various capacities over the past 5+ years, from teaching at a Bible College to being an assistant pastor. We have recently heard God's call to move our sweet little family to Northern Uganda where Zane will be ministering to an unreached people group. I am a full time stay at home mom who loves teaching my children, from their ABC's to who they are in Christ.

"Because I preach this Good News...I am willing to endure anything if it will bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 2:9-10


Naomi said...

It is so lovely to hear your story!!! I am sure there are others who will also appreciate knowing how you arrived where you are!!

Blessings to you as you continue to serve the Lord there!

Shonni said...

I loved reading about your story and how the LORD has worked to bring you to this time!

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing your journey of how the Lord has led you to Uganda. So cool! I am amazed and "in ahh" of what neat things God has done and is doing in your family.

Jim and April said...

thanks for sharing was nice to read!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love hearing about your journey!
God is sooo amazing!
Praying for continuing preparations for your journey too :)

Adeye said...

I LOVED reading your story, my friend. So amazing how God chooses the PERFECT people for eachother. I LOVE that. Destiny.

I love your heart for the Lord, and for your sweet family. You are such a treasure.

Kathy said...

So glad you decided to post a little about how you ended up in Uganda. I loved reading about it. I think you know that I knew Zane and his family when they lived in Prineville. We had a Bible study in his parents' home. We fell out of touch when they moved to Alaska, and have been mostly out of touch since then, but I saw Louise at COCC just before my second trip to Uganda in 2008. That's when I learned you were there, and she gave me your prayer card out of her purse. Your family's pic has been on my frig ever since, with the other missionaries I pray for (but there are only 4 kids in that picture!)

When my daughter-in-law Shauna became interested in adopting, I told her that you and Zane were in Uganda, and she found your blog. I has been a blessing to follow along with your amazing life.

Many years ago I wrote a Christmas program for our church, and Zane and his family were cast as the family discovering the true meaning of Christmas. I wonder if he remembers?

I just started a blog for Redeemer House Orphanage last week. So far only one post! You can click on my pic to check it out.

The Young Family said...

Thank you for sharing this story!!!! I LOVE watching your sweet life from afar. My heart has always LONGED to be on the mission field...but this momma is here in the states for now. You have SUCH a beautiful family!!!!

babydoc said...

I just found your blog today, I think you commented on Jen(in Bolivia's blog). I met Jen whilst on my Medical Electives there some 3-4 years ago now. I actually was volunteering in a different organisation but we went to the same church...

So cool to keep in touch with what the Lord is doing with saints all over the work, good old I really enjoyed reading your story, what obedience. I look forward to reading through some more older posts as I have time.

Lord bless.

Liz, UK