Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Training equals Joy!

We begin training our children very early. By the time they are walking they learn to place their dirty dishes in the sink, clean up their toys and to "do all things without complaining." When they reach three years old they take on even greater responsibilities such as getting dressed, making their beds and helping with daily tidying up. With that said, we never ask them to do something they are incapable of achieving--this does not mean, however, that they may not struggle a bit doing it. My oldest (7 years old) is able to cook simple meals, run the washing machine, clean the bathroom, mop and tend to minor injuries of her younger siblings. I do not say all of this to brag, but rather share how we are able to "live in joy" as a large family--where the average age is 4 years old. And that more importantly...

"With God ALL things are possible!"

As part of my "rest," I have been giving the little ones greater responsibilities. Yesterday, I asked Ezra (3 years old) to take his baby brother to the toilet. He was eager to help!

The pictures will prove just how proud he was.

Let us mother's seek to glorify Jesus in all aspects of training up our children.


Shonni said...

What precious pictures and so true about the training.

Melissa said...

So i'll probably get slaughtered for saying this...but I have often thought about women who want more children and their husbands do not...I wonder are their children a joy because they are well trained, polite, and cheerful...or are they children that scream and throw fits constantly? Do they help the family or only expect to be served? Are they bitter and angry? Because I wouldn't want more children causing stress for my wife (if I were a husband) and more stress in our household. I wouldn't want to come home after a long days work, hoping to enjoy my family...only to find a frazzled wife and out of control kids.

You are right..children...lots of children...are a joy...but only if they are well trained...from birth, that the world does not revolve around them, but that the world revolves around our amazing God, and it is our calling to serve others the way He served us. In that is true joy, not just for our children but for us all.

Shauna said...

Love it Summer and I agree. When I give a new task and it is achieved - they beam - why on earth would I want to handicap them by not helping them to grow in all areas.

blessedmomto7 said...


It is true and a necessity in a large family for all to help without complaining AND mine have been learning lately (particularly my older 2 ages 9 & 10) that when they make a mess in their bathroom and they don't clean it up, mom is not going to :) Good life lessons!

Sophie Neri said...

So true, it is necessary to teach children early on responsibility and accountablility. I have 6children ranging from 3-19 and I see so many kids today that are more self absorbed than ever. It all starts at home. If kids are taught to help out around the house and be accountable for their own mess they become more responsible adults. Also by helping out your parent's and siblings it is an act of love and obedience.