Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One THANKFUL mama!

"singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all Your wonders." Psalm 26:7
(I do believe we have a space to fill--between Eryn and Ezekiel!!!!)
May the Lord bless this day of Thanksgiving as we remember all the
wonders He has done in and through our lives!

P.S We were so blessed to have daddy home today for thanksgiving--first we went to a paper/soap factory--each of the kids buddied up and made a paper craft--and then we went out for pizza, just the ten of us!


Erin said...

love this pic :) i am impressed that you're always able to get so many smiles all at once!

Mom Of Many said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my dear friend far away!! I pray your day is blessed surrounded by all your precious treasures!! Much love from our home to yours...xo

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

LOVE IT!!! I just want to have you over to our home some day! Love the smiles :)

Adeye said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet bloggy friend. That is such a gorgeous pic of all your blessings. I totally see the space you're referring to :)

Hope you're feeling a little better?

Gary and Michelle said...

Room for one more?? Can't wait to see how the Lord fills that space. I have to admit when you posted the other day about #9 I was a little disappointed to see it was a dog!! ;-)

That's wonderful that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole family.

May God continue to bless you Summer