Monday, October 12, 2009

Safe and sound

My mom, nana to the grandkids, has arrived safe and sound. She had so many special little surprises for the kids, and a few for Zane and I too (thanks Kelly R.--you know who you are). Unfortunetly I am sick with a viral infection, please pray with me that I will get well soon

The photo above is of my mom holding baby Bren. Bren was brought to our church yesterday, severely malnourished and sick--she weighs 4.5 pounds and is over 2 months old. She has a cleft palate (not to mentiom severe pneumonia) and her mother was unable to properly care/feed her for lack of knoweldge, recsources and understanding. My good friend Robin ( is now the proud "caregiver" of baby Bren. Robin has opened a baby home just a few houes down from our's.


Mom Of Many said...

Praying for you to be healed - in Jesus name! So glad your mama is there and so thankful that baby Bren is safe. We will pray for Bren's healing as well. Precious baby made in the perfect image of God!

JG said...

So glad your mom made it safely. Get well soon!