Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update and and another "official" child!

I thought it would be nice to start posting our newsletter emails on my blog--enjoy! And if any of you want to recieve our monthly paper newsletter (different than what I am posting), please email ( me with your mailing address. Be blessed.

Dear friends and family,

It has been a long hard month, but the Lord has refined us in the "fire.". Summer finished her six week brucellosis treatement yesterday. She will go back to be re-tested next week to make sure that the medication cured the disease. However, she is farely certain that her endometriosis has returned. Please pray for grace to get through these times of pain (they usually only last three to four days each month). Speaking of health issues, we are praising the Lord that Elyssa and Enoch have gone months without a sickle cell crisis. The remaining six children have also been healthy, except for a few sniffles and scrapped knees.

You may remember a man named Charles that we spoke of in a recent newsletter. He is the man that Zane cast demons out of on two occassions who also suffered from drunkedness. Four months ago we sent him to "U-turn for Christ" in Nairobi Kenya. He returned doing well but quickly fell into bondage once again--this was very hard as he was living on our compound. After a very stressful month, we deicded that we would, financially by faith, send him back to U-turn, this time for six months (last time we sent him for only two months). Please pray for Charles, that he would allow the Lord to set him free!

Zane has been able to train the new church accountant--freeing him up a bit to be able to minister more at the local police station, on the streets, and at the church. Please pray for Zane as he desires to be doing more discipleship/teaching.

Lastly, we would like you all to join us in prayer. For some time now, we have felt the Lord nudging us to start looking at land to build a home of our own. This is a HUGE step of faith for us as we have nothing to "work with." We can not get a home loan as we would if we lived in the states. Month by month we live by faith. We would be grateful if you prayed with us for a miraculous provision from the God who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills." Please, if you have any ideas/wisdom, please let us know.

Humbly blessed,
The McCourtney Family in Entebbe, UGANDA

*We now have an official court care order placing baby E in our home! Six hours of waiting in the social workers office and an hour in the courts today--all on a banana and a cup of tea (that was an unwise choice, I have a horrible headache).*

Thanks for praying. Jesus loves these little children so much!


Adeye said...

Thanks for posting your newsletter. How wonderful! He is doing AMAZING things in and through you, dear friend.
YES---trusting with you for a home of your own!!! Of course He can do it, right??

Shonni said...

Yea!!! Praising the LORD that the paper work is done!

Kathy said...

If God is nudging you to build, I know He has a plan. I am praying that He will reveal it to you, and when He does, I believe you will be able to testify to His amazing provision for those who give their lives to serve Him. He's just so good that way! He's so good every way!

Believing with you,

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praise JESUS!!! Keep your newsletters coming....I love hearing about your family and your ministry! Also sooo happy for your family as you add- for God's Glory!!!

Sandee said...

Wonderful for you and for Baby E.