Sunday, August 2, 2009

The lack of posts and thought-inspiring words from the Word (Jesus being the inspiration) have been lacking this past week. I have been fairly sick, spending most of my time on the couch or in bed. I have hypothyroidism and am 100% reliant on two drugs. One of these drugs is not available in all of East Africa. And what I had expired and lost it's potency. Thankfully a friend is bringing over my re-fill but she will not be here for another two weeks. We are not sure if it is thyroid related, but I have also developed neutropenia (a decrease in my white blood cells) and have been getting one infection after another. But through this time of weakness I have seen the Lord's faithfulness and His grace abound.

Many people have questioned why I have not been healed of my various health issues. It is not for a lack of praying or faith. Over the years, I have come to understand that God's ways are far beyond our ways and our limited understanding. As studiers of the Word, we do not see in scripture that healing always brings the most glory to God--and that is what it is all about, our lives glorifying the Lord. And although I would love to be healed, and know that the Lord would receive glory, I also see that through my weaknesses the Lord is truly being glorified. How is it that I get through these times of illness with eight children dependent on my strength? There have been moments that I literally feel God carrying me through--it is an amazing thing! But, having eight happy, healthy and growing, both physically and spiritually, children is all the Lord's doing--all glory to Him! I am just a weak yet, willing vessel.

As I was reading my devotional this morning, from 'My Utmost for His Highest,' I was once again encouraged by the life of Jesus. Who's will am I seeking when I ask for healing? Jesus came seeking the will of the Father, "and whatever He encountered along the way, whether joy or sorrow, success or failure, He was never deterred from that purpose." Jesus never questioned the Father, "not My will but Your will be done."

"We do what we think is right {or believe what we think is right}, yet the compelling purpose of God remains upon us. The work we do is of no account when compared with the compelling purpose of God."

What is God's purpose for your life?


Tina said...

We call this redemptive suffering. Not a lot of people understand this. Through our suffering here on earth, we can be united with the sacrificial love of Christ. He so loved us that He died for us. When we experience hardships or pain, I encourage our children to offer it up. Our suffering in no way touches on what Christ suffered for us. God's blessing on you through your trials. I have been through something similar except I had only six kids at the time. I will be praying for your healing.

Shonni said...

You put this so well! I also love O. Chambers.
I am praying for you, sweet friend!
Is that Enoch in the hat? What an adorable picture!

soontobemomof9 said...

what a inspirational message! Thanks for sharing.

Sending prayers your way!

Bethany W. said...

Another great post! You are absolutely right that not everyone is healed from their diseases! I am glad that you are leading a genuine Christian life before the people around you. I assume that many folks in your area are diseased and not getting the meds they need either. It is great that God is teaching you that His grace is sufficient, and that you are a living model for your family and those around you in the community!