Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What do you do?

I just had a VERY hard conversation via chat--and with one sentence the conversation ended, on a note that was not as the Lord would want it. I did not mean to hurt this person, but desired to speak the truth in love, especially for the child involved. Ladies, help me, I am not good at this....how do you resolve an issue like this? I have asked for forgiveness.

P.S. I still plan to share what the Lord has been speaking to me about--it is a heart issue that needed the touch of the Great Physician.


Sandee said...

No plan of God's can be thwarted...I know what you feel. I have often felt, after a word spoken or typed, I wish I could snatch it back, or even if spoken well, but not well-received, I have thought, why did I not keep my mouth shut. And then I sometimes scramble to try to fix it, as my heart bleeds in regret.

But you have done what you can do. Aplogized, and pray. God can take the wound (yours and theirs) and by that very wound, heal. I pray the balm of his love will pour into you and them.

But I do know know what you feel.

BETHANY said...

Just wait. Hurt feelings take time to heal.

Pray for discernment in what to say and wisdom to know when to say it. It could be that the Lord will use you to speak to this person, but it may be that you aren't the one the Lord will use.

(Kerri) said...

Hmm, I'm not sure, but I do know that if *we* acted as we should and our heart was right that sometimes we can not help how the other person receives our words. Only prayer to the Lord that He will be able to use your words to minister to that person will do. I am sorry that the situation did not go well. I know I have been in situations similar and it is so hard! Sometimes the person needs time to see what you have said is true. Once our part is done the ball is in their court. I will lift you and this situation up in prayer.


Sarah Dawn said...

Oh sweet one, I just want to encourage you today. Your words, your life, your ministry bless me each and everytime I stop by.

I'm sure this situation is real and hard, but the Lord's light shines so brightly through you.

Asking for forgiveness, humbling yourself, is all that God asks us to do. To continue to walk in love, and forgive her as well.

What she chooses to do with the gift of forgiveness you have given her is her choice. It is just that, a gift, that needs to be unwrapped on her end so she can receive the Lord's blessings of forgiveness in her life.

In ministry, I too have made mistakes (far too many to keep count, and thankful that the Lord doesn't either). In one such situation, I instantly asked for forgiveness and it wasn't given. It broke my heart. I lived to please people as well as my Lord.

It was a beautiful and difficult teaching time. I had to rest in the forgiveness of my Lord. He had forgiven me, I had asked for forgiveness, following in His guidance for my life.

And .. I had to forgive her. I didn't realize that it was eating me up. The fear of man gripped my life too tightly and what she thought of me hurt too deeply. When the light of God's grace illuminated this area of weakness in my life, I rejoiced to step out of the darkness.

Remembering, being transformed from glory to glory isn't an easy process, but well worth it.

Sarah Dawn

Adeye said...

Oh my friend, I am not good at stuff like that either. I too have been where you are, it stinks.
You did the right thing--asking forgiveness. That is what the Father expects from you--even though you did not intentionally hurt anyone. Sometimes things just come out all wrong. We're all human...especially if the person is not sitting right in front of you.
Don't be too hard on yourself. I know it's an awful feeling--I'm trusting that God will work out all things to the good of YOU who loves Him.

Focus on gaining strength and getting well--don't let this upset you too much.

Anonymous said...

Bless the Lord that you were bold enough to speak the truth. I pray when I'm a stinker my good friends will tell me, pray for me and if necessary get out of the way for a time so that I can heal from the realization of fault and hopefully soon resume a friendship knowing that I needed a re-direction. Rather a friend say it than the Lord use a complete stranger! :)