Thursday, August 20, 2009

The stinker changer

One of my 4 year old son's is sleeping in our room with baby boy E. due to mold and allergies. I love that some of my kids are in my room at night, call me crazy. As you can conclude, I was a co-sleeping mama! Anyway, this same 4 year old, since sleeping and thus waking up with his baby brother, has now taken it upon himself to change the overnight stinker.
Aren't I a blessed, maybe a tad crazy, mama!


Many of you have been so kind to ask me how I am feeling. The joint/bone pain is subsiding. However, I am still fatigued and battle headaches/upper spinal pain. I am also now dealing with nausea from the medication--which lasts 4-5 hours throughout the day. I still have 3 1/2 weeks to go in my treatement. A lot has been going on at home and in the church--please pray for peace as our "ark" carries across choppy waters.


Sarah Dawn said...

YOu truly are blessed! I co-slept too and my oldest would color pictures on his brother's diapers (we clothed). Maybe when we bring our Ethiopia hugs and kisses home, they will help out with lil stinkers too.

Blessings to you, praying God's quick restoration.
Sarah Dawn

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW that is a dedicated brother! Love it! Praying for continued healing for you!!!

Renee Leonis said...

This is so sweet :) We always had the "Family Bed" too. Now its just Elijah 8 who creeps in with Paul & me sometimes. We will keep you in prayer & all your little munchins & Zane.
Love you
Renee & Family

Anonymous said...

Will be praying dear! Sorry for your plight at this time...:) Cute kids though...Hope relief comes soon...kinda empty words though..wich they were tangible in some way...Shi`

Adeye said...

Oh my friend--those pictures are absolutely adorable.

Standing with you and trusting for your healing--SOOOON! Thanks for the update. I can only imagine how hard it is feeling so crummy and having to still take care of your family.

soontobemomof9 said...

Where can I find a 4 year old like that? LOL What a joy! :)

I am glad you are healing! May God continue to give you strength each new day! Praying with you as you heal!

** Our 3 year old still sleeps with us most of the night. Most nights he falls asleep "on me". It is weird how many people think this is something to feel sorry for me about! I love having my kids close... at least while there is still room enough in the bed. ;)