Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maybe I am a tad partial

...but my goodness these kids are cute!

*Thank you aunty DM for these great shots.*

P.S.Please read the comments made by Melissa on my before last post--she conveyed my heart and convictions exactly. Thanks Melissa for being bold enough to be honest.


Sarah Dawn said...

Umm if I lived in Uganda or anywhere in E. Africa, I would be bringing home a bundle too.

Sarah Dawn

Shonni said...

Those pictures are so cute, and the little teeth that have come cute your babies are!

Janet said...

Well, maybe you ARE partial (as all good mommas should be :-)) but they ARE cute!!!!!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I am not easily offended, but wanted to say that I love your posts. With having only adopted children with many various backgrounds as well......we ask for healing of mind, spirit, and physically- daily. I do believe God can do ALL healing. I would not say that doctors can't help, but I would say - like you are referring to - be cautious when we don't rely on Christ enough! I can't wait to get the book you recommended. Sounds great.

By the way- your children are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh,'s not jsut you! They are so darling! :)

Adeye said...

Oh yes, absolutely precious!!!! What a blessed mommy you are, sweet friend.

Please update us on how you are doing.

Renee Leonis said...

Oh my...your children are breathtakinly beautiful :)
Loads of prayers for all!!!