Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Praying for another act of God!

Please join us in prayer. I just got a call from our lawyer that we have a court date on May 20th for the obtainment of legal guardianship of Elyssa and Ethan. However, the judge is requesting a copy of the orphanage registration where Ethan was--keep in mind the orphanage is a 15 hour drive from our house. I called the director and asked him to scan and email this document to me but for this to happen he has to find a place with a scanner, computer and internet not to mention power! Also, Elyssa's birth father must be present for the hearing--he lives hours away on an island in the middle of Lake Victoria and rarely has power to charge his phone--which is at this time switched off. PLEASE PRAY WITH US....He is Able.

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Joyful Mom said...

Oh YES, friend. He is exceeding, abundantly more than able.

Standing with you and trusting that every mountain that stands before you will be MOVED!