Friday, May 29, 2009

How to Raise your Children for Christ By Andrew Murray

I love this book--this is my third time reading it. It is deep and spiritual, a challenge to my soul.

"The children training. Cultivate every mental power, keeping in view the preparation of a sharp instrument for the Master' use. Cultivate natural virtues-diligence and decision, order and method, promptness and firmness-with the high aim of having the children more fit for the work to be done. Cultivate every moral power to be the form prepared for the Holy Spirit's filling. Let obedience to conscience and to law, let self control and temperance, let strict integrity and justice, let humility and love, be the aim in education, that the Holy Spirit may have a noble Christian, and efficient servant of the Lord, a true prophet.

The prize that parents seek for thier children is often counted worthy of any sacrafice; there have been those who have willingly suffered want to give their sons a liberal education or to secure for their daughters a position in the world. Oh, let us set our hearts upon the promotion we seek for our children that all thought of sacrafice passes away as we study and labor, as we pray and believe, to have them counted worthy of a place among the seperated ones whom the Spirit of the Lord anoints for His work." Page 146

That the Father would make this the cry of my heart.


Sarah Dawn said...

Every time I visit, you refresh me, drench me in God's presence. I have been searching for a book to challenge me and push my parenting to the next level, abandoned to His heart.

Simply delighted to be following along with you on this beautiful path the Lord has set before you,
Sarah Dawn

Robin said...

I can't wait til I'm there with you and we can sit and talk about the amazing books we're reading!!! That's an awesome quote. So true too!!! It's always good to be reminded WHY we are training our children...not just so its easier for us. :-)
Big Hugs!!!

Emily said...


I recently made my blog private, but if you want to still read it just email me and I will add your email address!