Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When no fruit is on the vine

I will trust in You!
This week has begun and I feel like a fruit tree that has been picked over bare. However, my fruit is still in high demand--as a mommy to seven little lambs, who are counting on me to keep them safe in the pasture, lead them to food and water and pick them up with they fall on their backs.
So, you mommy's with a flock of lambs, what do you do?
P.S. Please pray for us as a family, that the Lord would give us clear direction and vision.


Daughter of the Lord Jesus said...

I ask the Holy Spirit to come and help be my strength in weakness and to parent my children with me. It works--every time I ask.
May you be strengthened and held up today by His right hand.

BETHANY said...

Well, I've got a small flock, but here are the two things I do. Sometimes I whine, bark at my kids, get lost in a book or the computer, and pout. Other times I pray, leave my Bible open on the table to glance at as I walk by, turn on worship music, and force myself to smile. I'll let you guess which one works out better in the end. :)

Shauna said...

Summer, This is something I too am striving to learn as well. I am learning that there is just time that I need to rest and ask God to fill me or discipline me in whatever way He sees fit. God will answer - His ways are not our ways and in the midst of it I know I feel dry, empty, etc. but God always answers and through that refining fire I come out the other side with a whole new vision!

God I just lift Summer and her family up to you right now that you give her Your perfect love and peace that surpasses all our understanding. God please give her Your strength and Your vision. Thank you Jesus! Amen

a woman found said...

i only have a flock of 2. first of all i'm praying for you and any thoughts coming from me may seem to come without understanding seeing how i don't have 7. nevertheless i'll share with you a word the Spirit has often prompted me with, "Just gather them up and sing Sheila!"

Just this morning as i face many a changes coming down the path, I prayed that the Lord would preserve our times of worship together and our times of little moments talking about God's word and ways. Everyone in our neighborhood had left for school, and as I had my two boys here in the office with me and pulled up my favorite WOW Hymns songs, we started singing. My day is not even close to being tackled or touched for that matter, there'll be much required of me this day, but somehow, just leaving all that "necessary" stuff alone to simply sing God's praises with them made the needs of the day grow strangely dim.

I can't imagine what must get done for you today with 7, but i just encourage you to sing His praises with your kids.

hugs, praying for you!

blessedmomto7 said...

Your family is always on our minds and in our prayers. WITH THE LARGE FLOCK ISSUE...sometimes I take a bath at midnight, sneak a bite of chocolate but mostly getting lost in HIM is what works!
email me

blessedmomto7 said...

I think I gave you the wrong email its

Oh, and I love to CALM DOWN and be refreshed with praise and worship music-always helps just to take a drive or walk and listen ALONE!

Adeye Salem said...

I will absolutely be praying for you! I love that scripture---I have held onto it so many times in my life. "Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior". He will be your strength, He will enable you to go on the heights. He will see you through all the challenges that lie ahead. You have amazing faith.