Monday, January 5, 2009


Dearest friends and blog readers. This is a graffic post--but one pleading for you to come alongside my sweet friend and sister in the Lord. I got a text yesterday with words that caused my heart to sink. On New Years eve my friend, who is a single mother and survivor of the Rwandan genocide, was home alone with her two kids, age 7 and 12. Thieves forced themselves into the house, beat up my friend and raped her in front of her children. She is now pregnant and may have contraced HIV.
We have invited her and the kids to come live in our guesthouse to allow healing in a safe enviroment. She is traveling out to see us tomorrow. I pray that in my feebleness I will be able to minister Christ's healing and redeeming love. Praise the Lord she is a believer--but she voiced to me that she can not understand why God allowed this to happen--a question she asked me four years ago when she told me about the atrocities she experienced in the genocide. Please, please plead her cause with me.
With that said, I am going to be fasting from blogging. So, if you do not get an update anytime this week, please just remember to pray, plead and intercede.
"Is this not the fast which I choose, to loosen the bonds of wickedness and to let the oppressed go free."
Isaiah 58


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I prayed with Connor (without telling him all the details) this morning when I read your email and he came in the room. My heart was just breaking for this woman and her children. Connor's prayer was so honest, as he prayed in his own childish way for God to judge the man who hurt the woman. As I was praying and thinking about what Connor was saying and how this woman feels so confused I'm sure as to why God would allow this I began to remember the psalms where David cries out many times for God to destroy his enemies. It's hard to entrust ourselves to Him who judges justly, leaving vengeance to Him... I can't imagine how hard it is for her.

I'm praying with a burdened heart!
Please hug her, if she'll accept it, from me... from the body of Christ. I'm sure there are many who are surrounding her in the Spirit and you and your family as you've taken her in.

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Prayers for healing and peace.

Simon and Pam Wunderli said...

So sorry Summer..we will be praying for full healing and for wisdom for you as you minister to her and her children. Thank you for the love that God has given you for the broken.. Blessings to you all.