Thursday, October 2, 2008

More simple pleasures...

Riding around the house on 5 gallon water jugs.


a woman found said...

I love it!!! These are the "odd" things my boys love to play with!

simmie flock said...

Would you mind emailing me at ?
I'm from Roseburg, RCF, and we share friends such as Sheila and Kellie T.

I have some questions for you about mailing/sending you stuff out there.
Mainly toys. I've just decluttered my home and we have LOTS of unused toys that are in brand new condition. We have 4 boys and it just seems the more children the Lord adds to our family, the less they are interested in "toys" per se, but in each other and making their own kind of fun. (As I can see is the case in your home as well!)

You can check my short-lived blog out if you'd like (I just started one maybe a month ago -, to get a better idea of who this stranger is writing to you and asking all kinds of requests from you!

Anyway, this isn't really a "comment", I just had to use this avenue to get in touch with you, sorry!

I visit your blog everyday, and love everything about it and the lifestyle you have chosen to follow thru Christ. I just love it! So I guess this is also my coming-out to you as one of your 'lurkers'!

At any rate, I hope the Lord gives you enough time to email me quickly enough for me to get your email address, so I can ask you those questions.

It's just that, ever since beginning visiting your blog, your children's faces have been tatooted into my mind, and I couldn't stop thinking of them as I was loading up piles and piles of brand-new toys. Your kids shine with the Spirit and put a smile on my face!

I know they love their life and are completely content...I'm not meaning to 'ruin' them by throwing a bunch of toys at them that they probably don't even want, but just the thought of maybe blessing them with something fun to receive in the mail and getting to examine a box full of new and exciting things aimed at their ages...well...I just can't resist wanting to do this. I know it must be of the Lord, b/c it's on my heart so much. It wasn't just a fleeting, fleshly thought I had once, ya know?

OK, I'll stop here! These were some of the things I wanted to talk about in the email!
May Jesus show Himself to you in a very practical and spiritual way today that you are immediately refreshed and uplifted!

Your lurker friend
and sister-in-Christ,
Kris Simmie :)

ps) please don't actually publish this comment! I would be too embarrassed by all my rambling and such...but I will surely be leaving you plenty of comments in the future for you to publish! Thanks! :)