Monday, October 20, 2008

I stand amazed!

I am amazed at the Lord's orchestrations.

Without going into detail, the Lord has done an amazing work today. Since beginning the paperwork for Elyssa, we have seen the mighty hand of God everywhere.
This is a re-cap of the afternoon:
Walk to the local counsel to request a letter for the judge-not a problem, especially since she has signed papers for our three other children.
Get copies of photos for our file-got sidetracked after the Lord told me to stop by the social welfare office, even though she told me on Firday that she would not be in today. She was in!
Get important documents for filling out as well as a letter explaining to the local counsel what she needs to officially write in our letter.
Drop off disk to get copies of photos.
Stop by the house to drop off Eryn.
Walk back to the local counsel to drop off the letter from the social welfare officer.
Hear God telling me to try and call Mercy's father, again.
Call Mercy's father and he answers--and says he is on the way over. Mind you he lives in the middle of the lake and promised to take the ferry over two weeks ago.
Call the social welfare officer and proceed to run down to her office to meet the father.
Meet the father.
Fill out the consent form for the father as he is unable to read or write.
Complete the consent form.
Put together Elyssa's file and wait for one last letter--with plans to get a court date by the end of the week!
Stand in awe at the Lord's amazing orchestration!


The Frechette's said...

AWESOME!!!! Glory to God!

love2bmom said...

Wow! What a beautiful chain of events. Only GOD!!!!
Thanks for sharing this.


a woman found said...

That's awesome! God is good and what a good example of listening to His voice and obeying... no room for doubting in a day like that!