Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The flesh or the Spirit?

We are often questioned concerning our desire to have a large family. "How will you provide?" "what about....?" and so on. "How can you manage?" "Do the kids suffer because they are so many?" The list goes on. As I share with people our desire to adopt another child, I usually recieve no reponse, just blank stares and a changing of the subject. Up to today this confused me--as most of the people I share with are also Christians. But this is what the Lord said, "Summer, these people are functioning in the flesh and the flesh can not percieve those things that are of the Spirit." How many Christians are functioning in the flesh? Doing only what their natural self is able to do. Measuring the calling of God by what is seen--if it does not make sense on paper then it must not be from the Lord, what a whopping fat lie from the pit of hell. So, of course the flesh can not understand how we manage six kids under the age of seven, or how we can do it with joy and am are willing to bring more into our home. We are quick to tell people, IT IS NOT ME, IT IS THE LORD! To Him alone be the glory.

The Spirit filled life, where strivings cease. Where there is abundance. And where others midunderstand, mis-judge and ridicule, but where the glory of the Lord rests upon you.


BETHANY said...

I totally get where you're coming from, but I think there's another piece to remember. While it may appear that someone is functioning in the flesh because they are perplexed by your desire to add to your family, that does not mean they aren't being led by the Holy Spirit in another area. The Lord calls us each to different things, what would be unfathomable and overwhelming to one will be exactly where God has another thriving.

Thank God we aren't all the same, that we don't all have the same strengths, desires, and callings. We're a body and need to understand that we don't all serve the same function. Those differences are not necessarily inherently right or wrong, fleshly or of the Lord.

Obviously we need to be willing to do whatever God leads us toward, but we need to be careful not to judge the heart of someone who does not share the passion we have for a specific calling.

Just read through this and want to make sure you know I'm not lecturing you, just commenting on the situation in general.

a woman found said...

Just reading both your post Summer and Bethany's comment I thought this is awesome, two right perspectives, same Body, same Spirit

It's true of me that I've thought some of those things you've mentioined about large families and it is a thinking in my flesh. It's also true I've been on the recieving end of odd looks and blank stares for steps of obedience I've taken in following Jesus... that don't make sense on paper.

May we each encourage each other to follow Jesus with total abandonment to His will in the places He has us.

Shauna said...

Summer, I could not have said it any better myself - that is how I feel about this new adventure we are on. For us it is a total step of faith!