Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Please join us in prayer as we head back to highcourt in the morning. The process of adoption is farely simple for us, however, it takes three years. One of the steps, so that we can travel outside the country with the kids, is to obtain legal guardianship. Last month was our third trip to highcourt--this time for Elianah! However, the judge that we had is new and is requiring an extra legal document (that our lawyer had no idea about at the time). Thankfully we were easily able to obtain the needed document and reschedule to go back to highcourt in the morning. Please join us in prayer as this new judge has been a bit difficult. We know that the Lord is able to give us favor, just as he did with Eliza and Ezra. We will be at court tomorrow morning--October 15th-- at 9am East Africa time which is October 14th at 11pm West Coast time. Thank you for standing in the gap with us.


Tasha said...

Dear McCourtney Family, this is Tasha..the creator the Ugandan website. I JUST received your email!! And I burst into tears!!! You have NO idea how THANKFUL I am that Olga..I mean Elianah..has a home!! PRAISE THE LORD! And it's no coincidence that today is your court date!! Oh God is so good! I am praying for all of you and PLEASE keep me updated! God Bless!

Tasha said...

45 minutes until you appear before the court.

I pray that the peace and strength of Christ will abound in each of your hearts as you await the hearing. I pray that you would be comforted knowing that God has planned for you to be Elianah's parents and that He is the MOST high judge!! Nothing can be added or taken away from His power!! May the court preceedings be fast and may the judge's heart be impacted by your faithfulness, love, patience, and dedication to this child.

The favor of the LORD rests upon you!

The Frechette's said...

We'll be praying!!! Good thing God is in control! Cant wait to hear the praise reports!

JLW said...

We were praying for you in our women's group tonight and I am praying now as you are about to go! :) Update soon!