Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Giant

I am going to admit, yesterday felt like a "Goliath" sort of day. Elyssa woke up very sick, in a sickle crisis. She had a fever, complainded of pain in her hands and had a very swollen cheek. A few of the kids took full advantage of this and were a far cry from respectful and obedient. I attempted to instruct Eryn in her reading and math lessons and tried to oversea the little ones in tracing their letters. All the while, distractions swirled around me. Because Zane had just taken the week off, he was extremely busy at the church catching up with the staff. I knew Elyssa needed to get the doctor...

Once I got lunch prepared, and Zane arrived home, I ran out the door with Elyssa. Thankfully God is always at work. My friend is a nurse within the local goverment hospitals and she was able to get Elyssa an appointment with the chief physician. Blood tests revealed that yes, she was in a crisis, but she also had malaria. The Dr. suspected that she contracted the malaria before she came to us and it had been lying dorment in her liver since then.

Elyssa spent the remainder of the day screaming/crying. And I spent the day trying not to join in with her!

As I lay in bed, talking with the Lord, He spoke to me from His Word--isn't it wonderful to serve the living God! He reminded me of the story of David and Goliath. He said to me "are you going to allow Elyssa's illness to be a giant in your life? Consumed and fearful like the Isrealite army. Taunted by what the enemy says. Or are you going to be like David, who trusted in the living God? "

"the Lord does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the Lord's."
1 Samuel 17:47


a woman found said...

I was just listening yesterday to some teaching from Jon Courson about David, how he feared God not man and therefore he never mentioned Goliath's size when faced with him. Only those who would not take a stand against Goliath took note of how large he was. Courson went on to say when we are in the fear of the Lord we are believing in HIs presence with us though we do not see Him and so no "size" of a problem matters because God is with us.

This teaching challenged and exposed my easily unbelieving heart. I see the size of the giant, Lord help me to take no note of the size of the "giants" I face but to fully place my confidence in You.

God is working an amazing story of His power in your lives! I love reading about it and I love joining in it in prayer!

Lord give Summer Christ's eyes. Fill her with Your vision Lord! Glorify Yourself in Elyssa and be her health, her comfort, and her joy. Father please touch Elyssa and heal her body. Please touch her liver and make it clean. Overwhelm her in your Peace Jesus!

By Your stripes Elyssa is healed! Help us to trust in that no matter what we see!

BETHANY said...

Continuing to pray for you as your job as a mom has taken on a new twist with Elyssa's health.

Ricky said...

I am just curious what your husband and you do and how God lead you to Africa. I am feeling the tug of my heart and want to know more about how you and your husband if you don't mind...