Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oppressing the Orphan

I am going to be very upfront in this post. I live in a country which is a lot like the "degenerate city" spoken of in the book of Isaiah.

"It was full of injustice, righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers. Your princes are rebellious and companions of theives; everyone loves bribes and follows after rewards.
They do not defend the fatherless (orphan)..."

We have been called to defend the orphan. It is a command, not an option with a clause.

I have been meeting quite regulary with the local chief of police pleading the cause of the orphan. As far as we knew, there were no Christain orphanges in the area. However, the police mentioned there was word of "something" in a near by district. So, setting out by foot yesterday, I found what words can not describe.

As I eneterd the gate of this place, I was aghast by what I saw. Initially I thought that maybe they were fixing up the place--kids could not be living in such conditions. But I was wrong. It looked like a garbage dump/jungle. A dead stork has been nailed to the front of the house?? Your guess is as good as mine as why this was so.

I was first led upstairs where a teenage girl showed me her wild monkey sleeping in her bed. Do they not know that wild monkeys carry all kinds of diseases? Trying not to look to obvious, I began to take in all that I saw. One bedroom had over 10 beds in it--some being occupied by big, dirty dogs. Next, I was led outback where 12 children (all under the age of 3) ran about. Some were dressed but most were naked. It was nearing lunch time and 10 of the children sat down on the ground where a platter of food was set before them. 20 grubby hands began stuffing food into their mouths. All the while, cats were helping themselves to the platter, too. No one paid attention. No one is pleading their cause. More than likely, the little girls in this home will begin "selling" themselves as young as they age of six in order to pay for school fees...and this is just one home. There are 100's just like it.

When I told this story to a local friend, her response was, "this is how it is, and this is how it will always be." Everyone turns a blind eye.

Who is going to plead the cause of the orphan??

Please pray with us.


Emily said...

Wow, words cannot describe how my heart is moved. Praying with you.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible, terrible thing. We must not accept that "this is how it is". It is not God's will that any should suffer as this. You are a soldier of Christ to fight for them. Please feel our love and prayers from Texas.

a woman found said...

Oh Lord!!! Summer, I thank God for your voice, it's set apart for God's use so obviously!!!

I am praying and have reminded myself lately that praying for the "impossible" is exactly what God has called me to do. And so I will by His grace!!

Crystal said...

Wow!!! I am glad God is using you to fight for his beloved children in Uganda : )

JLW said...

Summer! I'm so glad you have a blog again! I just now saw that you've been posting the last month and a half and I'm so glad to hear someone sharing about orphans! We hardly ever hear anything from anyone about it - so we are the "crazed" people sharing with others about adoption and the conditions children live in in other countries, etc... I don't know your e-mail address, but if you could write me first at thejwingos (at) yahoo (dot) com - I have a few questions to ask you!!!! Thank you so much!

-Ashley Wingo