Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is she really 6?

I guess our kids have to grow up. Today, August 10th, Eryn turned 6 years old. What a blessing she is to this family. She began voice lessons this past week and her teacher believes that worship/music is her spiritual gift. Oh, what a special treasure we have as unique children of the Lord, "created in Christ Jesus for good works."

We do not even need to send out party invites, we are a party in and of oursleves!


Jeanniebird said...

Wow, Erin Grace - 6 years old...What a lovely girl you are. We all pray that God will continue to grow you in His grace. I remember your first Christmas on the mountain in that big old farmhouse with the whole family...such a cutie you were. I know you had a wonderful birthday with all your family there, remember your family here is thinking of you and praying for you. Keep up the sling shot practice, I can't wait to tell Uncle Mike about your new sport. Ü
Love, Aunt Jeannie

Emily said...

Isn't it wonderful when you are the party :)