Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A look into an email....

This is an email that I sent to a dear sister in the Lord. I am sharing it on my blog in hopes that it will encourage other mothers who seek to raise their little lambs to be followers of the great Shepherd.

Boy, the Lord knew I needed those Words of encouragement you just sent my way. As I was reading the Word and meditating on the Lord, I was blessed by His still small voice, saying to me, "I am able." You see, there is a huge part of me, too, that is a pleaser. And because of this I am prone to be overcome (no, consumed) with guilt--from the enemy. I allow a "heavy load" to be placed on my shoulders, by believing, like you mentioned, that how my kids turn out depends on my parenting/discipline, ect. It is here that the Lord was speaking today, when He said, "I am able." I am able to save them, to refine them and to set them free and keep them from the world. Whew, a load was lifted!

Read Dueteronomy 1:9, "I am not able to bear the burden of you alone...." Refereing to Exodus 18:18, "The thing that you are doing is not good. You will surely wear out, both yourself and these people who are with you, the task is too heavy for you; you cannot do it alone...."

What a revelation to my flesh. I CAN NOT do anything unless the Lord is in it--hedging it in on all sides. It is too heavy for me and I was NEVER meant to do it apart from the Lord. He holds my children in His hand.

"Do not fear or be dismayed." Duet. 1:21 (Joshua 1:6; 9)

I often fear that my children will not become wholehearted followers of Jesus. But God's promise to Joshua is for us mothers, too. "Be strong and courageous." (v 6)

Because, "the Lord your God who goes before you will Himself fight on your behalf..." Deuteronomy 1:30 (Exodus 14:13).

He is fighting for our kids souls. He loves them more than we ever could! He is fighting in our weakness. The battle belongs to the Lord!

"there was no city that was too high for us; the Lord our God delievered all over to us."

Duet. 2:36

Nothing is to hard for the Lord. Be it our child's stubborness or lack of self contorl. He is able to deliver them.

Press on mother's!


a woman found said...

I'm so glad you shared this Summer! I pray it will encourage many hearts as it has mine!


Leonispride said...

Thanks for encouraging. It is so easy to think it is all us. God can do anything and does. We can't pray enough for the dear souls that God has placed in our homes...and yet they all are His. We love them so much and still it is nothing compared to His love!!! God truelly speaks through you to encourage and inspire!!!
Love Renee and Family